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We are a community of ESOP companies who desire to do business with one another. Over the last five years, we have strived to enhance the value of being an ESOP by enabling the community to find one another. We are also a part of a family of ESOP advisors -- helping business owners make a successful transition to the next generation.

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If you are an ESOP Company that files an IRS form 5500 without extensions and checks the ESOP boxes, congratulations! Your company is already listed with ESOPB2B.

We have about 6,000 companies just like yours on ESOPB2B. Our goal is to improve ESOP networking and to foster business between ESOP companies.

But simply being listed isn’t enough to leverage all the advantages that ESOPB2B can bring to your company. The first step in getting the most out of ESOPB2B is claiming your free listing so we can promote you to other ESOPs. It’s free, only takes a few minutes. This is the tool that can open up doors for your business! Get started now HERE

If you upgrade your listing, we offer three levels of participation with access to enhanced features. Once you have claimed your listing and completed our account form, we will begin cross promoting you to other ESOPS.

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Each year, we purchase from the DOL a list of all the companies that file a Form 5500 and select that they are an ESOP in lines 8a and 8b selecting codes of 2O, 2P and/or 2Q.There are a number of companies that say they are employee owned, but don’t file a 5500 with these codes. In addition, there are about 350 ESOPs who terminate their plans each year because they have been acquired by other companies or other reasons. These are not listed. In addition, there are about 350 ESOPs who terminate their plans each year because they have been acquired by other companies or other reasons. We also check for dramatic decreases in assets and participants, where their beginning balances and participant counts were huge, and are now -0- or a few dollars/ participants left. We remove those companies from the listas well.

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We offer free profiles for all ESOP companies. This helps your company get the exposure it needs within the ESOP community. Want even more visibility for your business and its products? Upgrade your profile now to one of our three expanded and branded profile options!

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Search our extensive database for ESOP companies in your area or in your industry! Are you looking for a new vendor or wanting to establish a strategic partnership with another ESOP company? Our ESOP search feature should be your first stop.

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Your ESOP company is likely already listed in our database. But to make your profile draw attention, upgrade your company profile with one of our three upgrade options. Upgrade options allow you to provide greater detail about your company and brand your profile to attract the right customers and strategic relationships.

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