Connecting ESOPs around the nation! is an online ESOP Company List to help find ESOP companies easily. You can search our ESOP company list by typing in their company name in the search box or use our advanced search to find them locally. We also grouped our ESOP company list by industry codes. Our ESOP Company list has the most up to date list that is available to the public. Our ESOP company list is updated every year.

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Welcome to ESOPMarketplace' Business to Business website for ESOP companies. The intend of this site is to help ESOP and Non-ESOP companies find ESOP companies who want to buy products and services from EMPLOYEE OWNED company.

Each company has been verified by the Department of Labor's public list of ESOP companies who file their 5500's tax returns indicating they have an ESOP Trust or are an ESOP.

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